queen loft bed with desk

Queen Size Loft Bed Frame for Greater Comfort on Top

Queen size loft bed frame is actually just like common loft or bunk bed frame. The difference is just the size in which queen size frame is bigger. For the exact width and length, they vary across the country. For United States, the length is 200 cm and the width is 150 cm. Because it is for queen size mattress, the foundation for this bed should be strong enough for […]

ikea white twin bed frame

White Twin Bed Frame for Bedrooms

White twin bed frame is small size bed frame with white color. It is not the smallest bed frame because there is still infant bed frame that will not be discussed here. Bed frame is very important part of bedding especially for European countries. Some people in countries like Japan and Indonesia do not complain if they sleep in a mattress without a frame. It means they will directly sleep […]

loft bed with slide

Loft Bed Frame for an Alternative of Bunk Bed

Loft bed frame is basically similar to bunk bed frame. Bunk bed frame is twin bed frame which usually has another twin bed frame above it. Usually, the bed frame are only two, the lower level and upper level. Regardless of basic or common frame sold by manufacturers, the bed level can be increased up to unlimited number as long as the frame is capable to hold all of the […]

twin bed frame with storage drawers

Functional Twin Bed Frame with Storage

Twin bed frame with storage is very functional bed frame. This kind of frame offers anything that people will likely use most of the times. It can be seen from its size and its small and cute storage. For the size of twin bed frame, it is actually various. It means every country usually has different measurement of twin bed frame and it is applied to other types of bed […]

floating bed design

Floating Bed Frame for Anti Mainstream Idea

Floating bed frame is one frame that is very unique and unusual. It belongs to contemporary frame design because the idea was coined in modern to contemporary time. The development of this kind of bed frame is also amazing. At the very first time, the idea is only to replace those compound wheels for moving bed. Finally, some bed designers found a design that does not need any supportive feet […]